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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 23, 2011 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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then republicans who want to be president on the stump in iowa. would you be surprised, their wagons circling around herman cain on the hot button issue of abortion. and later, happy wives get the word their husbands are coming home from iraq. how one army base is handling
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the news they have waited so long to hear. at this moment, somewhere overhead, an old broken satellite is plummeting to earth. no one's quite sure exactly where it will land. it's not the first time we faced a threat from space. experts say it won't be the last. earlier i spoke with the managing editor at he explained why we're likely to face this threat more often. >> this isn't the last one that's going to be coming down in a couple years in 2013, a u.s./japanese satellite will fall out of space. we just saw a huge nasa satellite fall last month. these are old. this one coming down tonight 21 years old. similar ages for the other ones. there's a lot of stuff, thousands of pieces of space, hundreds of dead satellites over the years that are going to have to be dealt with one way or another. >> when it comes back into the atmosphere, how big are the pieces expected to be, and do any of them pose sort of a
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radioactive danger to people? >> no, there's no serious contamination threat from this satellite in particular. basically, the big pieces, the big components of its mirrors, this was an x-ray satellite designed to look out at the universe and you know peer at x-ray emissions from stars and galaxies. that big mirror they think is going to survive on the way down. that's probably the biggest piece. and then more of its optic systems, she is ceramic chunks hardened against extreme environments space. they think it will weather the fiery entry on the way down and possibly hit either an ocean or the ground. if it does fall over ground, it will be a 50 mile long track that the debris could be spread across. and if it's over a populated region, it could light up like a fireball and be visible from the ground. >> if it were to hit the earth full impact, would it create some sort of a crater or
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meteor-like effect we sometimes see or is it simply -- that big and that powerful. >> it's definitely not as powerful as the large meteor but these big pieces, the biggest piece you wouldn't want that falling anywhere near you. it do could damage a car, something like that. it could cause a pretty good visual spectacle if you're able to see it. whether you're going to get hit by debris, that's pretty rare and remote. >> and meteorologist alexandre steel here with us now. more on this falling satellite. you just don't want it to come anywhere near you. forget about your car. i'm worried about the family. >> i wouldn't say it's the watch out below scenario. tariq made a lot of great points. this is the roset satellite, the shape of a minivan to give you a little perspective. weighs over two tons.
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now again it's called the roset launched in 1990 but retired in 1999 and since 1999, it's been lowering in altitude. now believe it or not, it's been circling as of last june only 205 miles above the ground. that's pretty low. most of the satellite as tariq said will burn up upon re-entry. about 30 pieces most likely will not. he spoke of the heaviest piece. it's the mirror of the telescope. and it's heat resistant. that will allow it to probably last and survive. 800 pounds but this is the key, right? are you looking up? where will this thing fall? a little perspective. he talked earlier tonight where it's going to go. 53 degrees north to the 53 degrees south. what does that mean? here's a map of the world. north america where we live, south america, of course, this is africa. this is asia, and this red is the track of rosat. this is where it is right now,
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australia. earlier tariq said europe is totally out of play. remember when he said that and i'm sure were like why. this is europe, you can see why that's out of play because this is the track. risk of anyone being hit 1 in 2,000. we're talking about a population of 6.8 billion. so the risk of you at home one in 13.7 trillion. the odds are quite slim. >> alexandre, thank you so much. i'm still looking at the sky when i know it's coming. hedging my bets. thanks so much. well, new developments in that disturbing case out of philadelphia. four mentally disabled adults were found imprisoned in a darkened basement malnourished with a bucket for a toilet. investigators are trying to determine whether the accused ringleader was holding the men and women in order to steal their social security checks. susan candiotti spent the day in philadelphia and joins us with new details. what have you learned about the
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people who were doing this? >> reporter: you know, they're trying to leave no stone unturned on this case, debra, because it seems to be expanding more and more. so far, they're looking at five states, florida, texas, pennsylvania, virginia, north carolina, and possibly others. they're looking at every single identification card that they found on the suspected ringleader linda weston. she had again at least 50 of them to figure out whether these are people who are dead, who are alive that she and the other people who are charged in this case might have cared for. to find out whether they might have died under suspicious circumstances. and to check out each one of these people. and so they have a lot of territory to cover and it could take them a very long time to see whether there are potentially other victims out there. they think this is someone they suspect was preying on mentally and physically disabled people for their social security checks. >> and susan, we know that this
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woman, linda weston, was convicted of a similar crime, killing her sister's boyfriend by locking him in a closet and starving him. authorities are now caring for other people who were in the home including children. what do we know about clearly this investigation now, those five states? what do they think they're going to find? do they think there could be even a dozen more victims? >> oh, they're very suspicious of that. they will do think it is possible that they could find other people who are also linked to this woman. and it's taking them to a lot of different places, for example, they're talking with police in norfolk, virginia, because there in 2009, they know of a woman whose name is maxine lee who was a resume mate of the suspected ringleader linda weston and she died according to the medical
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examiner, of both meningitis but also of starvation. and so today, we spoke with the family of maxine lee in philadelphia. and they want the norfolk police department to reopen that death case. they suspect that linda weston they said at the minimum may have played a role in the death of maksimowicz even lee. they're very upset about what happened here. >> truly remarkable and horrifying. susan candiotti for us tonight live in philadelphia. thank you so much. well, gop presidential hopefuls rick perry and michele bachmann are slamming herman cain over his comments on abortion. tonight he told social conservatives in iowa abortion should be outlawed with no exceptions. earlier this weekend, a cnn interview, he said the issue was up to families to decide in cases of rape or incest. our shannon travis has been at
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the event in des moines. shannon, boy, he's sort of going back and forth on the comments he made earlier to piers morgan. >> absolutely. i mean, herman cain as you mentioned, he made those comments to piers morgan on wednesday. he came here to this event to organized by the iowa faith and freedom coalition. about 1,000 christian conservatives here in iowa and six of the republican presidential candidates came here to court their vote. as we're talking about cain, he came here to essentially try and drive a stake in this controversy, this controversy over whether or not he's -- he says clearly he's personally pro-life but whether or not he believes that the government should declare it illegal or what have you. he tried to drive a stake in it. take a listen what he said tonight here at this forum. >> i will not sign any legislation that in any way allowed the government to be involved in it. i would strengthen all of our current laws that prevent abortion. i believe that abortion should be clearly stated an illegal across this country and i would work to defund planned parenthood and i will make sure that i appoint judges that will enforce the constitution, no
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activist judges and i would also make sure we didn't allow any bureaucrats to get in the way in order to protect the life of the unborn. >> so, no ambiguity. that should clear it up, right? not quite. rick perry came on stage and he had some things to say about this very controversy. he basically was still saying that herman cain is trying to have it both ways, that herman cain is personally pro-life but is a little bit queasy in terms of the government overturning or courts overturning roe versus wade. take a listen something michele bachmann said. we caught up with her after her speech. she said "we're a pro-life party and the president of the united states says that he is personally against abortion but he didn't doesn't believe that the government shouldn't be involved and that is the statement that mr. cain made and that's very disturbing for a lot of people."
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so the michele bachmann and rick perry both weighing in on this controversy after cain thought he drove a stake in this issue. >> thanks so much. always a little bit dangerous to be out front. thanks so much. well, the date of the nevada caucus is moving again, facing threats, the candidates would boycott the state's republican party caved to pressure today and switched it back to february 4th from january 14th. the january date would have forced new hampshire to hold its first in the nation primary a month earlier in december. florida already threw the calendar into disarray by setting its primary for january 31st. looks like louisiana republican governor bobby jindal is sticking around for a second term, the projected winner of the state's blanket primary today. our affiliate wwl and the times picayune is reporting he is the clear victor. before the vote, jindal was polling at 57%. his nine opponents were tracking at that time a combined 15%.
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and australian police say teeth marks show it was like a great white shark that killed an american diver today. the 32-year-old texas man was in waters off the coast of western australia. officers say the man had been diving alone when his friends who were not in the water noticed a lot of air bubbles followed by a plume of blood. then the man's body rose to the surface. the victim was living in western australia. his name was not immediately released. we'll be right back. stay with us. who need imagine... one scooter or power chair that could improve your mobility and your life. one medicare benefit that, with private insurance, may entitle you to pay little to nothing to own it.
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wow. ♪ nationwide is on your side ( laughing ) it's actually a pretty good day when you consider. that's great. many libyans felt the revolution wouldn't be over till moammar gadhafi was dead. now that he has been killed, they're turning out in droves to see the body of the tyrant who ruled their nation for 42 years. cnn's dan rivers looks at the mystery over how gadhafi died.
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>> controversy is still swirling around the final minutes of colonel gadhafi's life. the ntc here is facing pressure for an independent autopsy as hundreds of people line up to see his body. saturday outings go, this is surely one of the most bizarre and macabre. a long line to see the body of moammar gadhafi being stored in a meat market on the outskirts of misrata. some have brought their children here. they look uneasy, perhaps because of what they're about to see. some of the children are young enough to be scared by a thunderstorm. but old enough apparently to stare at the bloodied body of a tyrant. masks are handed out as people record their visit for posterity. and then they're let in. a few at a time. what you're about to see is not for the squeamish. gadhafi's body is lying next to his son.
4:16 am
we've decided not to the show you what appears to be a bullet hole in moammar gadhafi's temple. it seems he may have been shot through the head. >> the ntc said they would treat the body with dignity. but now, he and his son have been turned into a ghoulish freak show with people queueing for hours to see the former dictator of libya. >> why have you come here today in. >> to see the end of the tyrant, the end of a dark era that libyan people has been lived for years. >> this person is 16 years old and has just seen the body. he says to tell you the truth, i've never seen colonel gadhafi in real life. so i just wanted to see how misrata's rebels had captured him. >> doaa mohammed says she wants to see him to know him. she says everyone gets to see the end of every tyrant. after all the things he's done, she says, there is a god and there is a judgment day.
4:17 am
tahir is years old brandishing his own toy gun. he too looked into gadhafi's eyes. he says i saw him, i saw his whole face full of blood. i didn't feel anything. in sirte, the remnants of gadhafi's convoy are being cleared of bodies. 95 in this area, of whom were executed according to the new york-based human rights watch which is concerned gadhafi was also deliberately shot dead. >> it's very unfortunate that on the first days, the very first day of libya's freedom, this killing took place, and it wasn't just moammar gadhafi who was executed. we also found some bodies of wounded fighters. >> we may never know how he died but his hometown is now a chilling monument to his last stand and the bleak savage reality of war. this all on the eve of the declaration of libya's
4:18 am
liberation, as you can hear, they're already beginning to celebrate here, but the questions about how colonel gadhafi died just won't go away. deb? >> dan rivers for us in misrata. the new libyan government is to officially declare the country liberated on sunday. defeating moammar gadhafi was tough, replacing him will also be a challenge. national transitional council is planning for the future. they hope to hold elections within eight months. they will first elect an assembly to draft a new constitution and after that, national elections will be held to choose a president and a parliament. the arab spring protests have now led to the down fall of dictators in tunisia, egypt and libya. joining us, two people who have taken part in these protests, the co-founder of the atlanta arab committee and ali gibril rushed to tripoli after the city fell.
4:19 am
ali, you first. seeing colonel gadhafi lying there, what goes through your mind as a libyan? >> as a libyan first of all, we can see the closure here after all these years. the libyan people waited for this moment. dreamed some of them, some of them did not live to see this moment. gadhafi is not part of their life anymore. the other thought is the heavy price the casualties, the injured and the dead, the martyrs, the lives that we lost. thousands upon thousands have been lost just to reach this moment. these two thoughts come to my mind at the same time. >> do you think it's important that an autopsy be done to see whether, in fact, he was executed after he was captured? would a capture and keeping him alive and trying him, would that have been different? does it matter to you? does -- do people quell whether
4:20 am
the new people coming in will act in a way that is democratic if this is the way they get rid of gadhafi? >> you have to remember that this came at the end of a very horrific and very terrible and very scary and costly war. so the psyche of the people or the mind-set for them maybe is not as we expected that they demand an autopsy, they demand this, they demand that. we have to understand what they went through all these months. and actually all these years. so maybe in some -- in the minds of some, maybe this is not necessary. of course, some will demand that, some will keep asking the question how he was died and who killed him and all that. >> but in the end, it's about a transfer of power. it's about a democracy. >> it's a new beginning. >> a new beginning. let's talk about that. do you feel, we all saw those pictures of president hosni mubarak in the cage as he was being tried. what about the government now?
4:21 am
is it what you expected? because the military is still in control. was that a real shifting of from a dictator to a democracy or was that simply something else? >> debra, this is a beautiful question, but before i start, i was not in tahrir square when it happened. i was actually administrating next to -- demonstrating next to cnn. so it is our tahrir square. however, i visited egypt immediately after hosni mubarak left the government just to see him enjoy and talk to people over there. so this is -- >> we appreciate that. >> just one comment. regarding your question, i'll tell you that i came to your show immediately after or during the revolution and definitely, i understood the difficulty of the transition. however, i believe it proved to
4:22 am
be much more difficult than what i expected. you're absolutely right. it shows multiple things. there is a joy. there is a hope that we didn't have before because we knew hosni mubarak and knew the regime for 32 years. and there was no hope that it would reform. today, we don't have exactly what we asked for. however, we still have the young people that started all of this. they will still insist on something that's shared between all people around the globe. it's freedom, it's democracy. it's giving their kids better life. >> the difference i see between egypt is at least there was a government that immediately stepped in. is that the case in libya? is there something that can immediately replace what is now lost, or is there a possibility that whereas the military is in
4:23 am
control in egypt, that's not going to be the case? there's going to be a lot more chaos in libya? >> i expect that thing will go smoothly because people have gradually gained their freedom and libya was liberated step by step, town by town. and the people became very familiar and very linked to the national transition council. so it became a representative in the minds of the people. so and people they understand it's a transitional period and they have experienced eight months living with the head of the ntc. >> right. >> and there isn't that such power vacuum as we expected. i think there is expectation that thing will go smoother than some people think. >> okay. well i could actually sit here for the next hour or two and speak with you. we are so grateful for you sharing your insights in clearly such an interesting time for the arab world. it's fascinating meet again in ten years to see where each country is and what the young
4:24 am
people have done to change the future. gentlemen, thank you very much very, very much. >> when we come back, this libyan journalist predicted his own death in the name of freedom. we have a tribute to one hero of the libyan revolution. ncer ] don't just moisturize, improve the health of your skin with aveeno daily moisturizing lotion. the natural oatmeal formula goes beyond 24-hour moisture. it's clinically proven to improve your skin's health in one day, with significant improvement in 2 weeks. for healthy, beautiful skin that lasts. i found a moisturizer for life. [ female announcer ] aveeno daily moisturizing lotion. and for healthy, beautiful hair, try nourish plus haircare. only from aveeno.
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she's the little girl who captured the heart of the nation. baby lisa irwin has been missing for more than two weeks. coming up, new details about cadaver dogs picking up the scent of a dead body in her parents' bedroom and beware. another satellite could crash into earth at any moment. those stories coming up but first, the death of moammar gadhafi reminds us of our earlier coverage of the courageous libyans who stepped forward to report the fight for freedom in their country.
4:27 am
here now is our tribute to journalist mohammad nabbous who paid the ultimate sacrifice when he spoke to cnn. >> check, can you hear me? we are right now being attacked from everywhere. a plane has crashed right now. right now, i'm in the back of the truck. everybody look out. we're on top of this bridge. >> mohammed nabbous is one of those many people who risk their lives and paid the ultimate price just simply to get the news out. the real news out about what was happening in his own country. he was one of those young, bright, inspiring minds everybody who met him grew to respect him. >> be in touch and be safe, okay? >> i'm not sure i would be there tomorrow because i'm not sure if i'm going to survive tonight. but there's going to be another
4:28 am
group tomorrow with you, hopefully. >> mohammed nabbous was one of those many people who was our eyes and ears on the ground risking his life to speak to you over the phone. somehow at the also managed to get those pictures out by by passing whatever systems the gadhafi regime had been trying to put into place, by passing those fire walls just to get the message out. he was one young man out of many who passionately believed in this cause and this battle for a free and democratic libya. >> i want to let all of you know that mohammed has passed away for this cause. please keep the channel going. please keep videos, post videos. and just move every -- every authority you have to do something against this.
4:29 am
there is still bombing. there is still shooting and more people are going to die. don't let what most started go for nothing, people. >> when they knew that i was live on cnn and people saw it, they all came here running. what do you need? we would like to help. >> he was amazing. he was special. to me and to everyone that knew him. he just had this -- he loved -- i mean he loved life and he was so full of it. and he had so many plans. he had so many ambitions. and i just -- i'm keeping every single memory i have of him and i'm going to just, you know, give everything to my -- as long as the baby is inside of me, i'm not scared. he was like i'm doing this for
4:30 am
you and the baby, and i want the baby to be proud of his dad. >> i'd like to share one of his favorite quotes. that is a candle loses nothing by lighting another candle. while it built up in my system. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these, stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these, stop taking chantix and see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. if you have a history of heart or blood vessel problems, tell your doctor if you have new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack. use caution when driving or operating machinery. common side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. my inspiration for quitting were my sons. they were my little cheering squad. [ laughs ]
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[ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you.
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checking some of our top stories, a dramatic turn in the case of baby lisa irwin reported missing 18 days ago in missouri. court documents now show dogs
4:33 am
picked up the scent of a body in the bedroom of her parents. the 11-month-old disappeared october 4th from her kansas city home. her mother admitted she was drunk the night the child disappeared but deborah bradley insists she would not have the harmed her daughter under the influence. and race car driver dan wheldon has been laid to rest in florida. he died last saturday in a crash at a las vegas indy 300. the two-time indy 500 winner was remembered as a driver with the heart of a lion. nascar is giving drivers a weekend featuring the image of a knight in his honor. americans in kenya are on alert. the u.s. embassy is warning them of an imminent threat of attacks. after kenya sent troops to find islamic militants. it is directed at places where congregate.
4:34 am
and the heir to the saudi throne has died. he died in a new york hospital. his half-brother was thought to be in his 80s and was battling cancer. he served for decades as the saudi defense minister sister and described as a valued friend of the united states. the worst flooding in thailand is not going away anytime soon. the prime minister told residents during his weekly tv address even more waters could soon pour through the nation's capital city. the government has set up more than 1700 shelters for victims affected by the flooding. and a satellite is plunging toward earth and no one is sure where it will land. scientists believe europe, africa and australia are safe from the debris. the rest of the planet is fair game. this is the second satellite to fall to earth. one crashed last month into the pacific ocean. and president obama has fulfilled a campaign promise. he's pulling all combat troops
4:35 am
out of iraq by the end of the year. next we head to fort bliss, texas, where military families are welcoming an early holiday gift from the president. >> it's been too long. definitely too long. i mean i can't say anything because a lot of his guys have been deployed four times over there and this is his first one but i think it's time, definitely.
4:36 am
4:37 am
the war in iraq will officially end december 31st. that's when president obama says
4:38 am
all u.s. combat troops will be home from iraq. the timing is important. polls show a steady decline in support for the war. slightly more than half of americans said they were in favor of the war in iraq when it began back in 2003. that number has now slipped to just 33%. and a pew research center poll found more than half, 57%, say the fight was not worth the cost and effort. regardless of how people feel about the war, fort bliss in texas is among the military bases sharing the president's decision. marty savage is there. >> they are coming home. those are probably about the best words that any military base can hear and certainly here at fort bliss in texas, well, it's no different. rumors have been circulating for a while but it wasn't till president obama made the announcement yesterday that it was official, which means now that the 3500 or so members of the 1st armored division that have been serving in iraq will now be headed home no later than
4:39 am
december 31st. i was speaking with denise young. she got the news with other military spouses friday. >> yelling and screaming and clapping and crying and yeah, it's very emotional. >> her husband john, it's his second key employment and denise says this good-bye was harder than the first. >> it's always a worry. anytime he's gone, whether it's at a training exercise, especially obviously when he's in iraq because you don't know the situation they're going into. >> for brook, it's her first deployment, well, for her husband tyrone. he's a logistics officer. she's thinks it's time that everyone comes back from iraq. >> it's been too long. definitely too long. i mean, i can't say anything because a lot of his guys have been deployed four times over there, and this is his first one, but i think it's time, definitely. >> morgan herrera can't wait to see her husband leonardo, neither can apparently their nearly 2-year-old. >> when you heard the news, your
4:40 am
husband's deployment apparently being shorter than you thought it was going to be. >> we were ecstatic. very happy. >> thank you very much. >> i mean, we're just happy, excited, ready for him to come home. >> by the way, denise young never really felt far from her husband. she took one of his old uniforms and made it into a purse. you could say he never left her side. >> where did you get the idea? >> i had seen you know, i just -- i'm a purse -- i love purses. and so i said let me cut this up and see what i can make. >> while the families here prepare to celebrate, everyone also realizes that the iraq war had a cost. and it was a high one. at least 52 soldiers from fort bliss died in iraq. and then on top of that, there are another 5,000 soldiers from here that are serving currently in afghanistan. for them and their families, their worries and that war are far from over.
4:41 am
martin savidge, cnn, fort bliss, texas. >> and former president jimmy carter says ending the iraq war is long overdue. cnn's spoke with him in this exclusive interview. >> i think it's long overdue. we never should have been in iraq to start with. once we were there of course, we accomplish the our goal and now it's important i think for us to get out of iraq. and then as soon as possible, out of afghanistan, as well. >> and more than 4400 american troops lost their lives in iraq since the war began in 2003. thousands of others have been injured. well, millions of girls are suffering in silence with a problem that haunts them in school in their neighborhoods, even online. adult women even struggle with this. up next, we're shining a light on a dark subject, a new film exposes girl on girl bullying. .
4:42 am
♪ it gives me warmth. ♪ [ boy ] it gives me energy to help me be my best. quaker oatmeal has whole grains for heart health. and it has fiber that helps fill me up. ♪ [ male announcer ] great days start with quaker oatmeal. energy. fiber. heart health. quaker oatmeal. a super grain breakfast. who needy. fiber. heart health. imagine... one scooter or power chair that could improve your mobility and your life. one medicare benefit that, with private insurance, may entitle you to pay little to nothing to own it. one company that can make it all happen ... your power chair will be paid in full. the scooter store. hi i'm doug harrison. we're experts at getting you the power chair or scooter you need.
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i didn't pay a penny out of pocket for my power chair. with help from the scooter store, medicare and my insurance covered it all. call the scooter store for free information today.
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two women who were bullied growing up are doing their part to put a stop to this practice. they've create aid group traveling across the country to help girls dealing with the same things they did.
4:45 am
don lemon has tonight's what matters. >> she called me chubby, fat. she said that she had -- she was perfect and that she was better than me. >> natalie beachham's torment started early from a classmate. natalee was just 7 years old. >> saying, ugly things that she's not really supposed to say. >> she was only in second grade. >> i didn't want to go school. i didn't want to see anybody, didn't even want to see my parents. >> reporter: but she survived and in her effort to help girls bullied like her, she discovered the kind campaign, a non-profit anti-bullying project behind a new documentary. >> i just wanted to kill myself because everybody kept making fun of me. >> these bullying stories struck a nerve with the documentary's creators lauren and molly thompson. both victims of mean girls in grade school.
4:46 am
>> actually, in seventh grade i was bullied pretty badly and the effect of that left me just so alone and really just questioning myself at the age of 12, 13 years old. >> so after meeting in college and graduating, the friends hit the road driving cross-country to document the effects of girl on girl violence, the kind campaign was born. >> you hear you know, heart breaking stories from girls about their experiences and even women recalling experiences from when they were younger or currently dealing with things in the workplace. >> the influences are everywhere, says psychologist susan may. >> we know that kids are growing up feeling as though it's normal, as though it's acceptable. if you look at youtube or google fights and people are uploading things and kids at schools are saying did you see that one. they misperceive being bullying or intimidating as somehow being strong and powerful.
4:47 am
>> reporter: that's what molly and lorn hope to change. they're on their third tour so far. more than 300 schools and organizations. >> your current experience in school is not your entire world. there's so much more ahead of you. >> and if anyone knows that, it's natalie. >> when you can stand up for yourself and you have your own confidence in yourself, help others. so that little by little, you can help make a difference. >> one student, one mission, not only changing lives, but saving them. don lemon, cnn, atlanta. >> well, a big day for former presidential candidate john edwards as his oldest daughter gets married. she tied the knot with her long time beau. coming up, pictures from the big day and their images are everywhere. four musicians with iconic painted faces have created one
4:48 am
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kiss is a lot more than an over the top rock band. it's also one of the most successful brands in modern marketing. cnn's poppy harlow takes us on a backstage tour of the mystique
4:51 am
behind the lucrative name. >> all right, rock usa! you wanted the best. you got the best. the hottest band in the world! >> and now the fun begins. >> kiss! >> 38 years ago, we put together the band that we never saw on stage. but wanted to. and we did it by the seat of our pants. we were not marketing gurus. we didn't know what a brand meant. >> fundamentals of how kiss is run are the fundamentals that make for a successful business. >> look at these heels.
4:52 am
look at these heels. what man gets to put red lipstick on nightly? how many people can say that they have done gene simmons makeup? >> i would say none. >> gene, is this all your hair? where did that hair come from? >> that's a good question. >> i take my lunch in here. shout it shout it shout it out loud >> look at this. >> wow. shout it out loud >> i have no problem wearing a suit here and getting up on stage and looking like your mom's worst nightmare. and i know your mom so cut it out. we literally invented the idea of licensing and merchandising. come on in.
4:53 am
you'll see what i mean. >> this is what we heard about. oh, my goodness. >> we have kiss lotteries, scratch but you don't sniff. kiss mr. potato heads. the kiss boots. you know, you kind of go like that. one forward, then put all your weight forward. >> is that good? >> that's really good. >> am i rocking? >> not so much but pretty good. >> i've heard there's a kiss coffin. is that true? >> this is true. would you like to call in it? look at the quality. they also double as coolers. >> what's your favorite piece of merchandise in this entire place? >> my favorite piece of merchandise is me. >> we have created four iconic images known round the world. have we always been on top? no, but we've always stuck to what felt right. >> for 38 years, we've defied the odds, we've buried all the critics in our backyard.
4:54 am
we are mythic gods who actually do walk the face of the planet. we are rock gods. >> and can't get enough of gene simmons and the boys? much more on the kiss phenomenon is coming up sunday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern on "cnn presents." and the daughter of former senator and presidential candidate john edwards married her college sweetheart today. the wedding of kate edwards and trevor upham took place in chapel hill, north carolina. later the couple was joined by family and friends at the edwards' family home for the reception. cameras caught john edwards as he left being escorted by a police officer. and recent comments from rush limbaugh have sparked an uproar in the u.s. and even africa.
4:55 am
he criticized the president for sending troops to uganda to help fight a terrorist organization. now a woman who's a victim of that group has a message of her own for him. plus, a warning tonight. chunks of a german satellite could fall to earth at any moment. details where it all could land coming up next. who need imagine...
4:56 am
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4:57 am
a survivor of a brutal abduction by a violent african army is speaking out because of conservative radio host rush
4:58 am
limbaugh. on his program, he criticized president obama for sending 100 troops to help bring down joseph kony and his lord's resistance army. limbaugh defended the lra saying they are "christians and accused obama of sending them to wipeout christians in uganda. tonight she explained why she could not ignore his comments. she lost part of her face in an explosion that struck while the lord's resistance army enslaved her. >> actually it made me like upset a lot. i get very angry and i would like don't want to talk about it, but i embrace myself. i say i cannot keep quiet on what he had said because it's not right. so i decide to do something about it, take action out of this.
4:59 am
so to let the world know that sometimes what we hear without getting the background of it, sometimes is not true. >> and hear my full interview with evelyn and her response to the fact limbaugh has not backed down from his statements tomorrow night during the 6:00 p.m. eastern hour here on cnn. minnesota vikings corner back chris cook has been arrested for the second time this year. cook was charged early saturday with two counts of domestic assault. the vikings say he will not play this weekend against the green bay packers. in march, cook was arrested for allegedly threatening a man with a gun. he was later cleared in that case. a decommissioned german satellite las re-entered the earth's atmosphere. it's not known if any debris has struck land. scientists say europe, africa and australia right now are safe


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